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Hello Everybody!!

I am super excited to bring an old blog feature to my website!! Waaaaay back in the “day” I used to do a monthly post …

“It started with a $1”

I have to admit, I miss it! Sooooo, starting on February 1, I will be adding this back to my rotation of fun crafty plans!! Here is how it used to work, I find items that cost $1, garage sales, dollar store finds and resale shops treasures. Take that and put my Stampin’ Up! touch to it! Any questions??

How about a special sneak peek at one now? This one started with a dollar store find. Well, okay, two…

These two “evergreen” rounds one 15 inches and one 18 inches. Now sparse once fluffed and connected it could end up as….

A green snowman…. I am sorry that this cute snowflake punch just retired, BUT the Hand-Lettered Prose – 149550 is still current and the perfect size for ALL sorts of lettering needs.

Here is what fun things we can look forward too! Remember join me in another week for another project!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Check back tuesday for some other new ideas that you will love!!


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