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New chick, chickens and squash surprise.

Chick Chickens and Squash

Chick, Chickens and Squash

Here is the Chick of the Chick, Chickens and Squash…. Remember LuLu was setting on 5 eggs, right?? Apparently once the twins started running around… She got up from the eggs with four still to go. As a diligent mom myself, I was checking frequently on the progress. Cold eggs will not hatch. A quick check of the four when LuLu was off the “nest”.. they were not warm. Quick action taken… I brought them in the house candled found two were empty. While checking this white one I accidentally cracked it. Heard a peep. Placed it in the incubator. There appeared to be something in the brown egg as well.

Chick chickens and squash

This little mop head hatched out Wednesday night. Adding it to the broad outside on Thursday night. LuLu accepted it without incident. The brown egg never hatched… holding it in the incubator until Friday am.

All the new littles. They will learn and copy momma LuLu. Plus she will protect them from the big girls. The clay saucers are the bowls for the babies… the big black bowls are for momma. Before closing up the house… I heard a poor chick peeping like it was in distress. Finding one of the twins in the big bowl up to it tummy in water…. silly thing.

Chicks chickens and squash

I am sad to report… the bullying did not stop and this poor little chicken did not get to grow up on the homestead. Things got better for a little bit, but I could not control what happened. I am sad, but there was a reason I keep telling myself. The sibling is doing okay… Fingers crossed it stays that way because it is going to be a full size chicken.

Taking the Weekend off..

I took the weekend off after Coffee and Cards on Saturday morning…. I was able to relax and enjoy a few things around the Homestead. The bottom left was Friday nigh. Catching a friend do a live on the west coast while hanging out with friends by the fire, YEAH!!

What is this?? The bottom right photo. I am thinking it is a Pan Patty Squash. No, I did not plant it… but we love volunteers around here, right??

The top three photos are from Sunday. Joe decided it was time to try and Tame some of those beastly reeds. If only temporarily. The sad part is that the water is just dreadfully low. Please let’s all get together and do a rain dance. We need it terribly here!! Thank you…

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh the feels are real and strong.
    Sorry to learn the fuzzy head chic did not make it. Odd how nature can be so cruel at times.
    On the other hand…you saved another and now it has a chance to grow and be part of your flock.
    Volunteer squash! Bonus!!!
    Friday night fire was a perfect ending to the week. So relaxing.

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