Ding Dong Ditch,  Technique

Need a reason to get September Ding Dong Ditch??

get the Ding Dong Ditch

get September Ding Dong Ditch

Are you needing another reason to get September Ding Dong Ditch?? Well, you are in luck here is a beauty!! You will need the Beauty of Friendship bundle. A few other things too, Water Painters, Watercolor Paper and the Soft Pastels. I have been asked to share a few watercolor technique ideas. I had the Soft Pastels but have not had a chance to play with them until this live. So much fun!!

Which would like to make??

The first to me is the summer version. The second could be either Spring or Fall. hummm, I am going to got with Fall. I have to say that creating these trees is a breeze. Three different die cuts. You pick what colors and BOOM! I feel the need to talk a bit about the background of this scene. For one I used regular Basic White cardstock. That one I was VERY careful not to use too much water. The second one I used Watercolor paper, so that I did not need to be so careful.

The final product came out beautiful for both. I like the texture of the one with less water. You can see the “chalk” lines slightly. The other thing was the two different looks. One more sunset the other more sunrise. Add in my favoret cardstock and a little of Linen Thread.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

September Ding Dong Ditch

With this month’s Class to Go you will get four other ideas using this bundle of products.

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