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Nature Cuteness and more cuteness this week

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Nature Cuteness and more cuteness

So yes this one of my hanging baskets. This one is right out the craft room window. Do you see the yellow and black butterfly?? it is by the post on the left side. This beauty was going from flower to flower. Apparently I am not the only one that enjoys the flower. Today is all about Nature Cuteness and more cuteness of course!!

Blue Bird, Hamscher Homestead

I know that the photo is kinda dark. Please do not judge. I was in the house working on the dishes when I saw that Blue Bird has potentially claiming residency in my new birdhouse that I picked up two days prior. Imagine my surprise and excitement!!

Can you stand all this cuteness?? I know that I have a tough time concentrating. hahaha. Here they are starting with the photo on the left. Henry is out little cutddler. Middle photo is Wayne, he can be sweet. However, is a total stinker!! Lastly is all three the tabby is Violet. They play soo hard that they typically fall asleep right in the middle of playing. They are really getting so big way to quickly!

Poor Clyde, he does not want to take the chance at getting into trouble. Why?? Well, Penelope has decided that she likes the ledge and the view. She has spent the last 3 days in the window.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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