Mystery Card Night

Mystery Card Fun Folds with Forever Forest

Mystery Card Fun Folds

Did you know that I hold a Mystery Card Night every month?? How about that Mystery Card Fun Folds is what it is all about?? Not only do I love fun folds but don’t you too?? Some are pretty difficult. However, some can be pretty easy. Wanna see the one that we did a few weeks ago?? I know you do!!

Now taking a look at this you would say that it doesn’t look too tough, right?? Well, know that I walk you through step by step. Really, we make the card together. You can stop me ANYTIME during the live. Ohh and that the lives are on both, youtube and facebook. Ready to see this one open??

I have seen this called the flying seagull card. I want to be sure that you know that you can get all the information on this card and many others in the Mystery Card NIght and Games group on facebook. I have only done a few of these on youtube so there is not as much in the community tab, YET!!

Mark you calendar for a spooky Friday, October 13. That is when the live is. I share the cuts on Thursday Night so that you have plenty of time to prep all the things!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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