Hamscher Homestead

More Spring found everyday…

Have you noticed??

Mother Nature is still marching on … In her normal crazy fashion. Last year I decided to see if the irises will truly grow any where. Out by the street we have several old oak trees. One of those has a “hole” just at chest height. While “thinning” out a batch of these crazy tubers, I wanted to see if it would even be happy here. Apparently happy enough to sprout. But the big question will we get a flower??

The Red Delicious apple tree is getting ready to show off for the neighbors.. Thankful that this cooler weather came now before the flowers opened all the way. Out of the 3 different apple trees this one, by far, has the most buds. Fingers crossed that Joe and I can get the Cortland tree secured and straight prior to the next big rain. It is worse then the leaning Tower of Pisa. YIKES!!


Both sides of the drive way will welcome you. How?? Each side has a beautifully blooming Forsythia Bush. Holy Cow the bright yellow, you just can not miss it! The Weeping Cherry is not too far behind.

Chocolate Chip (Emmerson decided his name) was happy that he did not do to much damage to the daffodils while digging for bugs last week. The grasshoppers are happy to report that the Columbine sprouted right on schedule. More flowers to come!!

I hope you are getting out in the yard and enjoying the flowers, bugs (already) and ohhh yes, the SUNSHINE!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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