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More Naughty kitties Birds and a big group.

More Naughty kitties Birds

Ohhh my YES, More Naughty kitties Birds and a fun big group. I have since moved and locked up since this has happened. This poor Aloe plant is still struggling from this. I repotted them in three pots too. Trust me when I say that there was dirt everywhere!! The window ledge, both sinks and yes even the counters.


Yes, there has been one. No one is allowed to run around at night. All 9, yes Nine cats sleep in the bedroom with us. Door closed. That was the only way that I found to be able to wake up and not be stressed. I did not want to get out of bed to find a mess. Dang though those little bodies really heat up a room. hahaha

These are wild turkeys. It has been a bit since we have seen them. I know both Joe and I were super excited to see them. They are two hens, no babies though. I am sure they are all grown now.

Here are some of the plant culprits. Looking cuter, right?? I am not sure but I think that Butterfly is the ring leader. I am not sure that Donnie want to be associated with them yet. However, I did enjoy seeing all five of these guys enjoying the outside birds. It was super early in the morning and dang those birds were talking up a storm.

I sure hope that you have a Great Week!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Join me this Friday for Girls Night, in person!! Please let me know if you can join us!!


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