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More Kittens and Lots of Fall decorations

More Kittens and Lots of Fall

Well, yes, it is true. There are More Kittens and Lots of Fall decorations on the homestead this week. No we are NOT keeping these, I am coming close to looking for homes for these five little cuties. Not sure what is what yet. I do know that the Cream and White is a female and one of the Orange Tabby’s too. This mom is currently being called Girlfriend. I can not say what I was calling her, Joe got mad at me. Anyway, They are not in the house. And Yes, I have approval to find homes for them. Fingers Crossed I can!! They really are super cute though.

I would much rather talk about Fall decorations. Apparently Thursday I was really in the mood. So much so that I was able to get it done in ONE AFTERNOON. Seriously, even I was surprised. I do want to share a Joe story with you…

He came home Thursday night and I got the nod about the fall decorations. He does like them, however I knew he did not “see” them all. Friday Morning I got a text saying… “BTW there were way more decorations this morning then last night”. My response to him was.. “well yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night just to mess with you”.. “NOT”. His response to my smarty pants answers was… “ I am sure you did, there was at least 3 more storage crates of stuff out”.

It always surprises me that he does not see stuff. I have lived with this man for 14 years, you would think that I would know. I have to remember that he walked right past the Christmas garland with lights on it and did not see it. I hope this brought at least a smile this morning.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Final Day!! Get a jump start on your Christmas cards!!

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