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More Green and Illinois Visit with family-friends.

More Green and Illinois Visit

What a week, right?? Dang Joe has been home and Mindy was here from Texas. This week is about More Green and Illinois Visit with family and friends. Okay, lets start here, with more green. This is off the front door of the house. See all those tulip sprouts. YES, I am just a little excited. Joe and I plan on a walk around the tree line tomorrow. I can actually see them from the house. There will be flowers before you know it. If I had to guess there are buds popping out of the ground as I type this. We are going to see temperatures in the high 40’s and low 50’s for the rest of this week. Be ready next week for SOMETHING!

Can you tell that we had a bit of fun?? I would say so. Mindy, Mom and myself with the girls in toe went walking around the “unit” of the residence. I really like that there is a big circle. Mom loves to walk. WE all talked about nothing. But Mom laughed, which was good to see. These two nieces of mine are smart AND beautiful. It was fun to listen to the chatter.

Guys, here is the customary Mom and Me picture. Mom was having a good day for sure. Thankfully!! Poor Adam, Mindy’s hubby, I forgot to included him in one of these photos. Next time!!

Last stop on this Illinois adventure was dinner with these two before Bingo Night. We laughed and chatting about … nothing… and it was fun. Looking forward the the Butterfly Birthday Bash 2023 when I see you two next!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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