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More Christmas on the Homestead outside too.

More Christmas on the Homestead outside

More Christmas on the Homestead outside

Here we are one week before Christmas and all through the house all is lite and festive. ow about a bit More Christmas on the Homestead outside too. Last of the light went up this last week. Yes, even the Chicken Coop is now festive. It did not get done with the others because I need to get the electrician to fix my lights. Somehow the plug part was missing. Gee, I wonder why?? haha. So I know the lights are mostly around the pen area, but to me that counts.

Here is what I have been waiting to do. Joe and I were soo sad to not get a real tree this year. However, I found enough greens on the homestead to get the front porch done. Made new bows, did ‘swags’ on the sidelights and thanks to my friend Sherri the perfect snowflakes. I am also super happy because I did not pay full price for any of the things that I bought. Included in the greens is White Pine, Spruce, Cedar and Arborvitae. Do you see on the left photo the ‘chair’. That is thanks to my friend Nancy.

Soo much fun doing all the decorations this year. NOT one area of the house is untouched. Well, that we use all the time anyway.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

December 2022 Ding Dong Ditch
January Paper Pumpkin Peek


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