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More Bulbs tough Decisions and no decisions.

More Bulbs tough Decisions

More Bulbs tough Decisions

Here we are starting another week. So much, but so little going on I hate to admit. This week is about More Bulbs tough Decisions, I am super excited that the second bulb delivery arrived. This bring the total bulb count up to 1050. Mostly Daffodils, some Tulips and some Alliums. The last order is for the front three flower beds. Two on either side of the walkway and for the Memorial garden. With that being said, I am soo dang excited to see what happens this spring. I literally planted from front to back. You know I will share when things start to pop. It will be here before we know it. Not to quick though.

Poor Junior is really struggling with this decision. Outside where he does not get to see us all the time. Or inside with us. I know what my choice would be. However, he really is struggling. The temperatures are going to drop and that will make the choice easier. However, right now… it is tough. He really wants to be with us… sits and cries about it at the door. But backs away from the door, at times, when we open it. He really does enjoy sitting out our lap. So we have been reminding him of this each time he comes inside to get his attention. Soon I hope!!

More Bulbs tough Decisions

Cuddles on the other hand, says this is the life!! The girls come and she gets attention. a comfy bag to sleep in and all is wonderful!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Paper Pumpkin Reminder November Kit

Do not forget your add on for the November Paper Pumpkin. There are going to be perfect!!

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