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Mooch Flowers and Visitors too. What a fun week!

Mooch Flowers and Visitors too

We had a fun filled week here, I hope you did also! I have Mooch Flowers and Visitors too for you this week. Mooch gets top billing. Guys, he made it to summer. This poor guy can not see, but that nose knows. Joe took him out back in the shade early last week, before the crazy heat. He was enjoying all the sniffy sniffs. He did not roam too far. I did think it was funny that he decided to lay in my ground cover. Thankful for each day with this guy.

My friend and neighbor Lynn and I went flower shopping over the weekend. Check out the haul!! I will say that most of it was mine, but… Lynn did get most of what was on her list too. See what is next…

Some of the things that were on my shopping list will be planted in the veggie garden. Like tomatoes, peppers and brussel sprouts. Only because I have not had luck starting those from seed. I have a few other things that are popping up too. The pumpkins and potatoes too. Those white tulips by the chicken coop were to pretty not to share. Along with the lilacs. Those were given to me by another friend and neighbor.

Lastly, here I started cleaning out the front flower beds. This one is going to be a labor of love. I almost pulled a couple new sprout. I keep reminding myself that I have to watch for those white garden markers. With all those flowers from above, most of them are annuals. I have lots of seeds that I am tending.

Yes, STILL!!

I am still very excited. With so many things going on it is like a musical from one thing to the next.

Mindy and the family came again for a visit. We sure had fun… cooking, laughing and adult beverages of course!! Cheers to you guys.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Two different visitors from my morning watering. Good Morning to you too!!


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