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Mooch Chickens and the Flowers all this week.

Mooch Chickens and the Flowers

Mooch Chickens and the Flowers

This week is all about Mooch Chickens and the Flowers. I wanted to update you about the old man, Mooch. I am very thankful that he is still with us. This blind kitty navigates the house pretty well. We have added a second water fountain to the house to help him figure out where he is. No moving furniture though. I have a second table up in the craft room now and there are times he struggles. Especially when there are extra legs too. haha. It is always good when he is up wondering around. This morning he woke us up putting in his breakfast order from the middle of the bed. I am pretty mindful of him getting down though.

Starting left to right. The newest flower lighter red with a green center. It opened yesterday and now all four buds are open. Middle is from last week, still going strong. This one is the last flower from that bulb. However, I do think that there is a new bud coming. Notice that the fourth plant is about to pop open I think this coming week. Lastly is the second flower from the first bulb that flowered.

That red is just AMAZING!!

These girls have stepped up their game holy cow!! I have been getting lots of eggs these days. On average 6 plus. I am happy to see that they are happy with things in the coop these days. Thankful for all those eggs too!! The eggs at the top are the biggest haul of the week. I have a friend that also keeps chickens and she has not gotten any eggs as of late.

Lastly are a few miscellaneous things. I was happy to see this birthday girl last week. I know she had a great birthday. Clyde loves his Momma, she was slightly irritated that he had to be there. The funny thing was he was there first. Poor Clyde.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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