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Memories and lots of Christmas decorations

Memories and lots of Christmas Decorations

We need to start here. The Christmas kitty chair. This is where the Memories and lots of Christmas Decorations usually start. However, this year it was one of the last thing. Why?? Because with losing Mooch that was his spot. I will also add that all the kitties know that is his chair. No one has been in it, YET!!

Here are a few more decorations in the house for you. The one all the way on the left is the kitchen table decor. Reusing the faith from the fall decorations. The middle is the special angels that I got from a friend. I love the angels, twig wreath and the galvanized snowflakes. The last photo is the cubbie in the foyer. I am calling it snowman corner. Soo excited to be working on that.

Remember those oranges?? Yes, I strung them up. I am loving the garland and how the tree turned out. Pinecones from my yard were added for the woodsy look. Thoughts??

Finally gathered up enough lights to put on the 12 foot tree. I was able to pick up some cheap which makes me happy!! I also had a helper, Mr. Gorilla Cookies decided to check out how it looked from a different view.

Finally, Violet says that all this excitement is exhausting. Mom, can’t we just watch Christmas movies??

What is your Favorite Christmas movie to watch, in case I do not have it yet?? So I can get it.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Check back later this week to get ALL the information!!

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