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Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers all around.

Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers

Did you know that for today, a look at the Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers is what this is going to be about. Starting with the Memorial Garden. Here on the homestead we have a garden that is where you bury our pets. Unfortunately, there are 11 kitties in there. Nine of them are from my house. Two are from my mom. She did not want to move the ashes to Abby and Chloe are now laid to rest there too. Here is the most recent addition. Poor White Sox has not been feeling well. We hoped it was just stress from the addition of the kittens. Come to find out it was more. X-Rays indicated Kidney Failure. So there is no suffering if i can help it. I am thankful that I was his mom, snuggled with him. Yes, even when I felt I did not have time too.

Miss him already

However, I had work to do to get him added to the Memorial Garden. After not getting home until after 4:30 a nap was in order first. No matter how late of a start … He was going to be laid to rest with Gaelic, his brother.

I realized why this garden was in such bad shape. It really is hard for me to work in it. Not because there is so many plants. It really is because of the sadness it brings. I miss all these kitties that are in here. I was super happy to see that there are many flowers in it. Although the grass took me forever to remove. I promise that I will finish and keep up with this garden. If for nothing else so that the souls that are laid to rest here are much happier!

So much to be grateful for still. These two just make me laugh out loud. Yes Clyde did go in the trash bin on his own. All the playing that Bonnie and Clyde do just makes them exhausted. Sweet Dreams little ones!

Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers

These poor girl’s have been exhausted from the heat so what a great day for an icey treat. Inside that ice is a fruit mixture. I typically use up the fruit before it goes bad. Just dump it in some water and add it to the freezer.

Yes, they did enjoy it.

Lastly just a few nice things to look at. Thank you Dad for the bistro table I have enjoyed it already. Delighted to listen to the birds with my coffee and emails in the morning. My Fiesta Hibiscus is about to get fancy… I can not wait to share the AMAZINGLY gorgeous flowers. More flowers from the Phlox in the Kitchen window garden. Plus the bottom right photo is a Black Eyed Susan … Can you believe it?? I am loving it. Can not wait to get seeds from that!

Soo many things, no more crying because there is soo many great things.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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