Mystery Card Night

May 2024 Mystery Card Night, plenty of time!!

Main Mystery Card Night

May 2024 Mystery Card Night

You know that I can savor a secret. Plus, hold off on opening a box, right?? YES, I love a good fun fold too. Join me for the May 2024 Mystery Card Night, there is plenty of time yet to get in on the card making. You can catch the replay… HERE!!

Are you new?? Well, you are in luck! We love fun folds around here. We do a new one every month for Mystery Card Night. The cuts get posted on both FB and YT. You can get them here. I hope that you enjoy this fold as much as I did. I look forward to seeing what you guys came up with for yours.

However, do not forget that you only have until Monday at about 3 to post or email me your photos to get entered into the prize drawing. Last time I mailed out some DSP packs. This month I have some speciality paper. You just NEVER know what it is going to be.

I look forward to you join us!!

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