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Lots to share from this last weekend, but..

Lots to share from

My head is still spinning from my trip. I am still working on it all. With that being said, I have Lots to share from my trip. Here is a peek. If you are on facebook, I hope that you have been following along.

I will however give you a few highlights… amazing food, INCREDIBLE speakers, hugs, laughter, new and old friends and the New Orleans charm. To say I have a few beads is an understatement. No I did not earn them the traditional way, thankfully!

One more thing…

Can you believe that I had trouble finding a purple baseball style hat. Seriously, do you see the purple in almost everything above? I know I was being picky, but still. No PURPLE! I finally found one at the airport. Uugghh, I looked all day on Sunday. Found several gifts and surprises for my team and hubby.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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