Hamscher Homestead

Lots of Water Cats and Flowers on the Homestead.

Lots of Water Cats and Flowers

Lots of Water Cats and Flowers

This was Wednesday Lots of Water, Cats and Flowers are later in the week. Here Joe and I were heading out to breakfast. Now if you have been here it is super hard for water to puddle in the sand. So this is VERY noteworthy. We both could not believe what we were seeing. Thankful to have this area for fun off, as intended. Joe has been working on sloping the driveway. For just this kind of situation. Although he started working it in the winter. A couple years ago due to some crazy freeze thaw situation.

Lots of Water Cats and Flowers

No this is not the pond!!

To help those that have been here. This is the dip in the front yard. We are driving on the south driveway. Yup, a crazy amount of water!! I really wish this was all going into the pond. I know eventually it will get there, but the water was looking kinda yukky this week.

Crazy Cat life here on the Homestead. Meet MoMa, the newest girlfriend of Juniors. She is actually Cuddle daughter. Apparently he is a cradle robber too. She was popping by to see Junior and have a snack. Because you know we ALWAYS have good snacks!!

Middle photo is me and Penelope. Apparently she has been neglected. Fought me when I had to get up. It has been a rough week for her. Joe and her went rounds when I was gone. I will just leave it at that. ugghh

Lastly, is Clyde. He was sound asleep when I took this photo. I do not know about you, but there is no way that I could sleep like that. Crazy kitten!!

I am excited that both he and Donnie will be going to the vet this week. No need to worry about babies from them!!

Starting with the Mellow Yellow Sunflower. This is the first to open up. I have several planted, more coming soon. These last two photos I owe to Erica. These bulbs were given to me by her. Thank you sweetie. They are all starting to bloom!! I look forward to sharing the rest soon.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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