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Lots of food and a Tree, plus kitties of course.

Lots of food and a Tree

Lots of food and a Tree

Yes, Lots of food and a Tree, plus lots more. There were only two here for Thanksgiving. However that did not stop me from cooking all the usual suspects. Plus a new recipe. You either love or hate them. I have to say I do really like them when they are cooked right. Brussels Sprouts, bacon, maple syrup and pepper was all it took. These were soo good. Joe even enjoyed them as left overs. That of course was not all that I made… Joe smoked a turkey breast and made mashed potatoes. Adding a bit of stuffing, green beans and fresh made bread to the table.


Lots of leftovers, which I could eat for weeks!! No, I have not that much. The Brussels Sprouts and green beans are already gone. Turkey is almost gone too. Yumm, I am getting hungry good thing it is time for dinner.

Apple or Pumpkin Pie??

I used the large muffin tins to make our single serving pies. Joe likes apple and I like pumpkin. So that was how I compromised… That way I was able to bake off the rest on Sunday. Which I sure did.

The last two hold outs after several frosts. Both of the pear trees STILL have a bit of green. But this picture does not do the red/burgundy justice. The second hold out is one of my new Phlox flowers. I looked at it this morning… STILL orange and green. I am hoping that means it will be big and strong for next year too.

Yes, Cuddles has been inside more and more this last week. However the twins are not happy because after I took this photo she “KILLED” this toy. Pulled every feather out of it. Poor Clyde was laying on the feathers pouting. Junior has enjoyed the time I have been outside with the chickens and doing the final planting too. He following me around like a lost puppy. I also know that he knows the weather is changing and we will be out much less. Wonder what is going to happen this upcoming week to tell you about…. See you Monday.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Gift Giving Ideas Adhesives

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You bet, Gift is completely ready!!

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