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Little Green Dirt and Mooch, an old kitty says hello.

Little Green Dirt and Mooch

Ohh, things are getting a Little Green, Dirt and Mooch, our old man. Remember the Ranunculus set from the Jan-June mini?? Well I decided that I needed to grow my own. I have a mix and a tangerine. Soo excited to see this green. Down in the basement. Strange place I would agree, but you need to start somewhere!! There are many more with green sprouts, so YES I am jumping for joy!

So, as you can see things are getting serious… I have 5 seed trays with snapdragons, coleus, foxgloves and dahlias and sooo many more. Plus not in the photo are greens and onions. Please keep your fingers crossed that these do awesome… Not only is it a big savings, but then I can get some unusual things. You know the things that look cool, but afraid to start on your own. With all of these things, I am outta space, SERIOUSLY!! I have several more things to start so the weather needs to start cooperating!! PLEASE!! Getting this head start on things has been super fun, even with having to check on things everyday, twice a day. However, I am never alone in this adventure… Do you see Donnie on the right picture?? Yup, Snoopervisor for sure!!

Little Green Dirt and Mooch

Ohhh Mooch

I found Penelope hanging out with Mooch the other night. I was surprised, but happy. She really does need a buddy even if for a short time. No she was not stealing food, just hanging out.

Check back next week for more on the flower front and who knows what else??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

New Catalog product delivery

I was so excited to share my new goodies in a facebook live today… did you see??


  • Paula Poindexter

    It is always exciting to watch plants growing up into the pretties or yummys they are meant to be.
    It makes my heart happy to see Miss P keeping Mooch company.

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