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Lip Balm 3D Thursday tutorial from Sarah.

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Lip Balm 3D Thursday

Ohh, Lip Balm 3D Thursday, this is soo cute. Did you hear that the Penguin Place stamp set and punch will be carrying over… YES, I am excited! Have you checked out the Facebook group 3D Thursday, yet?? So many fun idea! Including this one…

Lip Balm 3D Thursday

Here are the things that you will need…

Soo many little touches to this one, dontcha think?? Check out the inside too…

Sarah Willis I really do love this idea, thank you so much! I can not wait to make some for stocking stuffers. What could you do with this?? I could also see a pack of smarties in her too. They might be slightly bigger, but still super cute! Are you looking for the PDF head on over to the group to get the link.

I wanted to be sure that everyone knew, this is a weekly thing. My turn is every 8 weeks. I have enjoyed all these little cute projects. Did you miss last weeks?? Check it out here.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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