Hamscher Homestead

Light Trees and Critters on the homestead

Light from both Susan and Rocky

Light Trees and Critters on the homestead

You really never know what is going to happen around here. Seriously!!! This week is about However, there is a lot to share this week, Light Trees and Critters on the homestead. After finishing up the end caps on the entrance to the house. I wanted to add a little extra something. Well, both Rocky and Susan did just that. For my Birthday I was given two of these beautiful solar lights. Thank you ladies!!

3 Paper Birch Trees

I am excited to share that I have finally gotten three of the trees planted from some bare roots that I ordered. First up was the Paper Birch trees. Joe helped ALOT too. He removed the Sassafras tree that was here. Helped me haul dirt and compost, plus just support. It was very helpful. I have added a couple more things to this new spot that I forgot to take a new photo. There is a second pot and of course a tree stump too.

While pulling weeds I found the first two photos. I was super sad to find this birds nest. I was happy though that there were no injured or otherwise birds that fell from this nest. The second photo with those HUGE bumblebees is what all these flowers are about!! Well, that and butterflies of course. Lastly, Joe was telling me about the momma and baby turtle. I finally was able to see them. Soo, grateful that I could share this with you guys too!! Dad, I knew you would like to see these too!!

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