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Lettuce Flowers and Furries all on the Homestead.

Lettuce Flowers and Furries

Lettuce Flowers and Furries

Another week gone but this is what is going on Lettuce Flowers and Furries. The rain behind us a bit of a cool down and back to the humidity. It is the perfect formula for seeds. Imagine my surprise this week with how much these have grown. The petunias are dwarfed by the lettuce this week. I have take a couple little leafs for a sandwich, but need to be a little bit more patient.

I saw the buds, but they all opened at once. HOLY COW, right?? They are as big as my hand. This Fiesta Hibiscus is also loving the humidity that has come the last few days. To be honest I really am hoping to open the windows back up. But will take it because I have several new sprouts from the seeds that I planted. Remember the science experiment?? I will share more on that next week!!

Yes, more flowers. The first, on the left, is a Red Bee Balm. This one popped up from under the Rose Bush. Imagine my surprise, WooHOO!! Middle photo is my favorite Lily. I do not remember what it is call but the Rococo Rose edges (color sound familiar??) and the Pale Papaya center. Ohh, I do love it. Lastly, is the day lily that my friend Judy gave me. She and I love sharing plants. It is soo fun to see all the different things flowering in the garden, I hope it brought a smile to you face. It sure does for me.

Well, we were finally able to take Cuddles in to get fixed. She has not been feeling well. The babies have been trying to snuggle and pay attention to her. But I am sad, so are they, she has been pushing them away. Last night was the first time she let one of them lay by her. I know that Clyde was able to also, missed the photo. Middle is Bonnie, she was rough housing with Clyde that walked out of the photo just as I was taking it. Lastly the two of them where playing in my container in the craft room. They really have brought much joy and distractions to the house. I really as thankful, The shenanigans and fun that they have is a good thing.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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