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Lazy kitties

Poor Mooch has been feeling under the weather with an upper respiratory infection. Vet gave him a shot of antibiotics on Friday and we are still sleeping a lot. However, this shot stays on board for minimum of 10 days upwards of 14. I am sure he will be back to normal very soon…..

These two however, just LAZY. Left is White Sox and on the right is Gaelic. This is the new cat tree that Joe had the Amazon truck bring a couple weeks ago. I think they are loving it!! you see the “holes” on the lower part of the picture?? that is a little house. Underneath that is a hammock.

Can you say SPOILED?

Yup, the rough life of a house cat.

This afternoon Joe and I went “shopping” and located this pillow… we did not purchase it, but……. for those of you that know the inside joke….

laugh out loud!!

For those that do not…. you will have to ask me.

More tomorrow…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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