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Kitty Assistance and More Flowers this week!

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Kitty Assistance and More Flowers

Henry decided that he wanted to help. He knew that the worked needed to get done for the BOGO sale! He tried to get his siblings to help, however that went poorly. So meet my Kitty Assistance and More Flowers for this week on the homestead.

As you can see Violet and Wayne were just TOO busy to help poor Henry. However, Clyde and Henry found a sunny spot to relax after all the hard work. These three are getting to be very entertaining!! Running jumping and acting super crazy. Poor Butterfly she is just exhausted!! Thankfully she has lots of willing helpers!!

Yup, I told you more flowers!! Starting with the walk way to the front door. I am very grateful and happy that I found a place for these concert pots. My friend Paula gave them to me. Joe brought them up and I asked him to bring them here. I was able to plant some beautiful Dahlias in them. I know they look empty, but just wait!! Excited, YES!! I am soo excited to see how they turn out.

Now the bottom left photo is a hanging basket that is marking Mom’s two kitties that were added to the Memorial Garden a few years ago. Dad, What do you want me to do??? Although I am sure that I can find something. Let me know!! Lastly, are the roses. This bush has NEVER looked so amazing!! I am also happy to report that it is STILL looking this beautiful. No worries, I have been watering! Humm, wonder what trouble I can get into this week… Join me ??

Hugs and Have a GREAT day getting Crafty!!

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