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Kitties Weeds and Playing in the dirt again.

Kitties Weeds and Playing in the dirt

Gotta love Kitties Weeds and Playing in the dirt. Well, not the weeds but this photo I truly LOVE!!! Clyde and Wayne hanging out in the craft room and of course napping!! Dang this bed is not big enough for these two. However, the chair is not going to be big enough soon either. Soo glad that Clyde loves his Littles.

I talk about the kitties in the dresser, here is proof. They literally climb up the back of the drawers and open the drawers then pop out in either the top or second drawer. It still spooks me when he drawers pop open. Yup, still!!

I have not shared the wild flower patch in FOREVER!! I saw a few new colors out there and had to investigate!! Here is what I found. I was super excited. So much so that I called the neighbor and she joined me over to check these pretties out!!

Here is my last photo to share… I have been keeping on top of all these crazy weeds. Finally getting to the biggest. The front two flower beds are always a beast. I wanted to be honest it was not as bad as I was thinking. Got the craft room side done. Next week the other side. Along with keeping up with the others.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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