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Kitties, need Wood and Decor on the homestead.

Kitties need Wood and Decor

Kitties, need Wood and Decor

Starting with this one, even with the reflection, Kitties need Wood and Decor. I just got done doing a live and had to take the picture. Cuddle has not been up in the Treehouse for some time. I am happy to see that she has been spending more time up there as of late. No she is not pregnant, fixed in June. I believe that she is fighting come inside. We will see in time. Yes, she comes in for the overnight, however out during the day.

Kitties need Wood and Decor

Even still they run run run and then this….. just plain POOPED out. It sure is funny to watch them chase around after each other. It as time is like an episode of Scooby Doo. They can NOT get traction and almost lose their footing. Can you see it?? I know it sure is funny!!

Kitties need Wood and Decor

I needed some wood for a project. So you bet I went out back to our wooded area and found a lot of what I needed. I did not cut any trees, what you see here is from last October’s storm. There are so MANY trees back there. I will have Joe to help me next time I go back there. I need a few more pieces for “posts”. Yes, I will share when I get things all laid out. I should be interesting. Fingers crossed!

Kitties need Wood and Decor

Finally, got it done.

I found the perfect tree limb for my mantel. No, I did not need all the above just to locate this one piece. That is for a completely different project. Well, I am mostly happy with it. I do feel that something might be missing. I hope when Mom and Dad come to visit that she will be able to help me out.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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