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Kitties Joe cooking and an update on surgery.

Kitties Joe cooking and an update

Kitties Joe cooking and an update

For the last week, I have preparing for my cataract surgery, but the Kitties Joe cooking and an update are all I have to offer. Starting of course with these two cuties. I can not really call them kittens anymore. So how about the twins?? These two boys have brought much joy to us. I do not typically catch them like this. They are actually sleeping. Yes, they sleep a bunch, however, not together like this. They were chilling with me after my first eye surgery, Friday night. I was happy for the company and the quiet time.

Kitties Joe cooking and an update

I know it is kinda hard to see, but Donnie was chilling in the “honey pot” bed right before bed. He was not wanting brother to disturb him is my guess. haha

Kitties Joe cooking and an update

Not wanting to worry about cooking, Joe made a HUGE pot of beef stew. I was kinda excited when I saw that there was more veggies then beef. LOTS more. Even the gravy was homemade. I do love when he cooks. However, I still need to work on him cleaning up. That being said he did do all the clean up this time. I was told to relax.

Kitties Joe cooking and an update

NO worries…

I know that several of you, well, and myself were worried. I am super happy to report that I was able to get a ton of stuff done. Including but not limited to this happy mail. I sent out a pretty big stack last Friday and this one went out on Monday. This stack was prizes, late and current birthday cards. However there are a few surprises in there too. I know how much I love getting mail. So it has been way overdue to get a few more for no reason cards.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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