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Kitties helping with Swaps and its for the birds.

Kitties helping with Swaps

Kitties helping with Swaps

Yes, really the Kitties helping with swaps and so much more this last week. However, this has been my view mostly this week. Lots of parts and pieces to creating fun and fancy folds. These will of course be upcoming class ideas. Stay tuned for all that is going on. Dare I say that I have been thinking of the Second Annual Butterfly Birthday Bash as well!! That is an event that you will NOT want to miss!! Check this out for a peek from last years.

With all the dips in temperatures Joe tried to explain to Cuddle that she could not go out and play. Needless to say she was not super happy about that. On the left she tried her hand and bird watching. She decided it was not for her. She knows that they taste better then then look. I am sure there have been several birds and other critters saved the days she has been inside.

Here is another one of my helpers, Clyde. He loves doing laundry. I think it is the fabric softener (lavender) that he likes. However, it could also be the warm clothes?? What do you think?? I am sure I will have more next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Febuary PP sneak peek

Our first peek at the February Paper Pumpkin, Sign up here!!

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