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Kitties Flowers Trees and a Project this week.

Kitties - Wayne and Henry

Kitties Flowers Trees and a Project

Welcome back to another week on the homestead. This week I have Kitties Flowers Trees and a Project. There are two constants here. As always, Kitties and isn’t there always a Project?? It sure feels like it. I want to be sure that everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day also!! As you can see from the first photo… Henry, Wayne and Joe decided to put the stereo speakers in the family room windows. I will say that It was nice working out back and having some great tunes!!


We have moved on from Daffodils and Tulips to Irises. I was bummed because I missed my lilacs. UggHH!! There are three photos of different colored Irises… I think I counted that I have .. White, Lilac, Purple, Peach, Blue and Yellow. I saw today a white and purple and a yellow and bronze. I would love to get my hands on a tuber of each and any of the other colors that I do bot have. FYI, all the solid purple ones come from several moves and house of my parents. I remember dad bringing me a black garbage bag full and I forgot them all winter long..

YES, they are still here and now blooming!!

However, the last little flower here is one that I did not realize made it … Those cute pink flowers (in front of the red ones) are in the Memorial garden. How did I miss this when I was doing the bricks. Who knows!!

Trees Red Delicious Apple tree

Although we have SEVERAL apples I only took one photo. This is the Red Delicious that has been reliable since day one of me living here. Joe planted it prior to me being in the picture. And to say I am grateful is an understatement. Three different batches of apply jelly, YUMMM!!

Lastly is the project. How this took me almost all day I have no idea. Maybe it was all the bricks I needed to move?? Reminder, there are two different sides (I only took a photo of one side, sorry). Each side has 6 large blocks and 4 regular bricks. I was tired of fighting the weeds around my planters. This looks so much cleaner and more organized. Plus, I have room for another pot. What do you think?? At least one right??

Happy Mother’s Day

Although this is not on the list. This is my favorite photo from the weekend. Hugs Mom, I love you!!

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