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Kitties and Chicks

Thursday morning….

Joe is off to work and I can actually sleep in! The house should be relatively quiet, right?? Apparently NOT!! Mooch woke me up snoring in my ear. geezz, I know that I snore, but holy cow. I can not fix his snoring.

Their feathers are coming in…

Joe told me the other day… “So, Amazon dropped off their legs today?” It truly is amazing how quick these babies grow. As you can see from the top of this photo, the tail feathers are starting to come in. They are still very quiet. Except once… Joe and I were at the kitchen table and heard some loud chirps. Nothing was wrong, and they looked at me like.. what??

Next week is when you will really start to see changes… more feather and much longer legs.

Here is your funny!!

I am sitting checking my emails THIS MORNING!! Penelope is snooping around the desk. I figured she would eventually lay on something. However, she is quiet too. Missing her jump in the tub. I looked up from my emails to see …


She does love her baby chicks and NO she does not hurt them. She truly just likes them. I have told you before that we have found her in with the chicks… now I have proof. These guys are still so small that I have the tub separated with a box. Trust me though there is more then enough room for her to find her way in that section of the tub.

Joe laughs and pets here then encourages her by lifting the wire top… see he does not only enable me… but every one and thing around him!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Yes, it is back!!
However, with the 1st friday in July being the 3rd. We will be having girls night a week earlier… THIS WEEK!! 6/26


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