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Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations plus so much more…

Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations

Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations

Today on the homestead Kittens, Mooch and Spring Decorations. Ohh, there are going to be a lot of awww’s and soo cute on this post for sure! They sure are cute. However, they started getting into just a little bit of trouble this last week. I can say that is really has been fun to watch them explore though.

Cuddles goes out to spend time with Junior everyday. It really is the best way to start and end the day after all. These to photos are from last week. He was actually trying to hurry so that they could go for a walk. Yes, that is a normal thing for these two. Sound silly I have actually witness it. She is not out very long. I do know that he is happier because of these little visits.

Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations

To say that she loves them is obvious by this picture. Joe was able to capture this over the weekend. They are ALMOST to big to all fit on the top of the “clubhouse” together.

I warned you about the AWWW’S!!

It really is tough not too, right? Tonight Joe was “stuck” on babysitting duty. The little girl, nope no names yet, decided she was going to take a nap on his chest. They both actually fell asleep.

So they got brave this week. Apparently Mooch is toasty warm. First it was the little girl. She started off at a distance and slowly moved closer. The little boy just went for it. Mooch at first was upset then decided it was pointless. I was very happy that he “gave up”. They need to have someone else besides Cuddles. Who better than a grandpa.

It really does look like spring around here. Joe and I were talking about the nice bright changes from winter to spring. I am thankful he does not mind the flowers. Joe actually said that it just looks super happy. I do love that man!!

Shoutout Inky Whisper Sisters

Lastly, I forgot to share these. The flowers were the centerpieces for the team meeting. The cupcakes were from a local baker, Delizous Bakery. So yummy, you can find her at the Plymouth Farmers Market in a few weeks.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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