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Kitchen and Chicken’s scenery changes, Ohhh WOW!!

Kitchen and Chicken's scenery

Kitchen and Chicken’s scenery.

This is what I left home when I went to visit my parents on Wednesday. Will the kitchen or chicken’s scenery change?? But you guys know Joe… He likes shenanigans as much as I do. Apparently though the new cabinets and coffee bar was just the start of this adventure!! What are you guesses?? Ohh come on take one!!

While I was gone he decided Thursday was the day to take that last section of wall out. You can see it on the photo on the right… it is the darker part. Yes, I will now need to paint. See the gap in that same picture?? 18 inches of cabinet can fit there. That is a heck of a TON of space, right?? You bet I was excited to head home to see this in person!!

Kitchen and Chicken's scenery

However before I could leave. Mom needed an anniversary card for Dad. Working with what I brought… This is what she liked. Guys I did the cuts, she did all the rest! It was fun to have Mom “working” for me on Thursday. We got a TON done!!

Growing Smoking and Exhausted

A good memory!

I came home however to some sad news. Gabby took a turn while I was gone and the tough decision was made. And this is how I choose to remember her. Gabby my order helper and snuggler. Miss you sweetie.

Joe decided he was going to keep BUSY on World Cardmaking Day. It ALL came down. You know he just wanted to keep busy. It helped him to think of something else. Thankful for the distraction for him.

With moving all the wall, all those cabinets and heat registers a trip to the “hardware” store was needed on Sunday. See, when things get started the kinda snowball. When you take walls down you need to put up new outlets, switches and lights.

Jazzy and LuLu reunited!!

Jazzy was very happy to have his wife back!! LuLu and her three littles were “released” in with the big girls on Saturday afternoon. When the temperatures dropped with the rain, the other six where added to the coop in the late evening Saturday. Do not need sick chicks. So far all is okay, the normal “pecking” order stuff so far.

I know this is not as exciting, but testing out the new lights… New pendant over the sink and the under cabinet lights too!! WoooHOOOO!!

Kitchen and Chicken's scenery

Did you make it all the way through?? I bet you did… because you know me sooo well. I like to keep you guessing, haha. This was taken on Monday morning. Still more to do, but…

HOLY COW, Right??

Now to clean up all that drywall dust off my counters. Ugghh! Check back next week. Who knows what Joe and I will be up too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Zowie! Your man was busy.
    Looks great!
    Sweet Gabby will be missed.it is always hard to say good bye.
    Love your moms card Great job Mary!

    • Whispers In Ink

      Joe was super busy his whole days off!
      Mom sure did a beautiful job. She was nervous putting it together…

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