Hamscher Homestead

Just simple shenanigans… well LOTS!

I know, I am not the only one missing out on bakery treats. WELL good bakery treats. What would you say?? I think… I NAILED IT!! These are blueberry lemon donuts. Just enough in the recipe to make 6.. perfect!! Needless to say they were GONE by the next morning. yummmm!

Right now there are 7 little eggs hoping and dreaming about being BIG someday VERY soon! On Day 10 which is this coming Sunday, I will be “candling” the eggs.

Any guesses on how many will have baby chicks??

Em and Ad (my nieces) have been after me to have some baby chickens. It has been a year since we have added a few new hens to the bunch… fingers crossed they we get more hens then roosters!! However, I am sad to report that we lost a rooster this week.

Joe has been busy still!! Water line is in… over 80 happy little plants now. Who knows how many seeds too! While doing a walk around today I saw that the Sunflowers have sprouted… WoooHOOO! Maybe the birds can help me beat the bugs!!

Have you planted your tomatoes yet??

No worries you still have time!! However I would not wait too long… the garden centers are getting picked clean here!

Korine, I love the hair ties!! Feeling a little like pebbles on the flintstones.

Let me help you with the first two photos… Joe always does electrical at night… ALWAYS. He decided Saturday night was the night to put the post light up across the pond! That is the first photo… the second one is him changing the light bulb on one up by the house…

Now the Tahoe, has been switched from snow plow truck to party truck. He had the speakers out there and I have to say it was super enjoyable!! Music all day and into the night!!

The last three… Happy Memorial Day to everyone!! I washed the chairs for around the fire. Yes, and enjoyed them too. The umbrella was put up with the “party” lights so now there is more then enough space to relax enjoy the fire and some yummy Popcorn! Caramel Popcorn!! Yes please!

More shenanigans next week! Maybe I will even tackle some of the weeds.. EEEKK!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

catalog goes live on June 3.

If you still need a catalog please let me know… I am mailing this week and delivering Wednesday?? Yyou want to stop by and get your copy, just text me. If you have placed a $50 order with me, in the last 6 months, then your copy is FREE. If you have not the cost is $5 and I will mail it too!!

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