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Junior, baby, Fall is approaching on the Homestead.

Junior, baby, Fall is approaching

Today is about Junior, baby, Fall is approaching here on the Hamscher Homestead. Junior decided he was going to check out the view from my new bench. Cuddles was on the bench this last weekend also. Apparently they give the bench a big thumbs up!

This “baby” snake was found trying to keep warm on the porch earlier this week. Joe actually found it while feeding Junior late night. I can tell you that the concrete was warm, no I was not wearing shoes.

It did not budge!

A new fall decoration came alive this last week. Using some odds and ends that I had left over. Still working on the fireplace. I have not been to our wooded area for the sticks that I need. I thought that maybe I could use some from limbs that had fallen off the oaks by the street. I honestly feel those are going to be BIG for what I am thinking. I had another idea and will be checking those this week. Fingers crossed I can share that next week.

Planting… Done!

Here is what I am super excited about! The last of the flower boxes from the deck got planted. Yes, in the rain, but all 70 ish plants have been added to the two beds off the front walk. A handful added over by the bench, Junior approved. And they a couple were added to the memorial garden too.


I will add that I have a few plants left in the wheelbarrow over by the chicken coop. My plan is to add them when I do the new bulb planting midweek and over the weekend. Notice the seed packets?

Those are waiting for first frost. Why? Well, according to research they actually do well being placed than. Will thrive when the weather gets better in the Spring. Easy peasy I say because no worrying about watering and how long do they take to germinate, blah blah blah. I still have a few seeds left to get. Yes, seriously a few more.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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