Hamscher Homestead

July on the Homestead

This is my niece…Emmerson…

I want to shout how proud I am of this girl!! She read me a whole Dr. Seuss story when I was out there this last week!! Sweetie, you are a great reader, both Uncle Joe and I loved listening to you read!! (Joe via video).

Sooo, before I got hit a second time this year with poison oak… BOOO. I was able to locate SERVERAL of my flowers!! (top/bottom L-R) Last count 10 different colors of the lilies. Two different yellows, two different oranges, white, red(top r), rococo rose, red/white (top m), pink and pink/white. The next is an oak leaf hydrangea, white astilbe, red bee balm, and lastly, is a white coneflower, well, when it grows up.

There are seeds sprouting too!! YEAH!!

Joe sent this to me the other day… had a heck of a time finding him… He was behind one of my signs on the front porch.

Trying to stay cool no doubt!

And so is Joe.

Stay cool, if you need a hide out… I will be in the craft room staying cool!

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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