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Jan to April Paper Share all the information

Jan - April Mini Catalog

Jan to April Paper Share

Did you sign up to get your catalog yet?? Be sure to fill this out!! Today, is not only a reminder to fill out this form, it is also about the upcoming Jan to April Paper Share. Here is a few bits that you may want to know… You are getting 12 pieces of each paper pack. With some others you only get six. Then Not only do you get more, you also get each pack labeled including name and colors. Lastly you also get a “box” to pack all of your papers. Here are the names of the papers…

  • Country Gingham 6 x 6
  • Country Floral Lane 12 x 12
  • Fancy Flora 6 x 6
  • By the Bay 6 x 6
  • Regency Park 6 x 6
  • Delicate Dessert 12 x 12
  • Rain or Shine 12 x 12
  • Enjoy the Journey 12 x 12
  • Ready to Ride 12 x 12

That makes nine different DSP’s. Loads of different styles here too. To get your “Share” of these awesome different papers the cost to you would be $35 (shipping additional).

Ohhh But wait…

Yes, there is more to know… There are also five different Specialty papers. There are some shimmers, foils and vellum on this list. Here is all that information.

  • Dry Brushed 12 x 12
  • Fine Shimmer 12 x 12
  • Like an Animal 12 x 12
  • Texture Shimmer 12 x 12
  • Vellum Basics 12 x 12

To get these five additional papers the cost is $12. (shipping additional). How excited are you to see all these papers?? I know that I have seen a few of them, but my order is due today. I will of course share when I get my order!! Questions, please let me know!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

December Free Shipping Day


  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh my goodness gracious!
    I LOVE your paper shares!
    For me…i get my hands and eyes on each piece of paper so that I can decide what packs I Need and the others at least I have a sample and can use the samples if needed.
    I find that the paper shares save me money in the long run!

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