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It is a Grateful Sunday. Hubby and his critters.

It is Grateful Sunday

It is Grateful Sunday.

It is that time again, it is Grateful Sunday. Today is about Joe and his love for critters. This morning Joe came home and checked the weather. Saw that the temperature was going to drop. So he brought out the heat lamp an old wool coat. Then he went about to construct a warm house. Using an old storage container and all sorts of other parts.

Now, here is the thing. Junior is still deciding what he wants. He likes spending time us, however only one at a time. Junior even chats with us. He even follows me to the chicken coop. Fingers crossed he knows that he is safe here.

More about Joe and his love for critters. You guys know about all the rescue kitties we have inside. But ALL but one of the kitties that we have loved has been a rescue of some sort. I love his soft heart.

Not just kitties…

Joe spent time a few weeks ago making sure that the chickens were all set for the winter. Making sure the lights work, filling in the gaps in the doors and more. Remember a few years about we had really bad winter when we parked vehicles around the coop to block the wind. I am grateful. I do appreciate that he enjoys caring for all our outside critters. From the little mouse on the porch to the hawk that would like a chicken drive up window.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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