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Inside and Outside kittens Flowers too!!

Inside and Outside kittens Flowers

Ohhh my sweet Henry! Today is about Inside and Outside kittens Flowers too!! I was up late working on stuff in the craft room and Henry was doing a great job of distracting me!! He claims he was just helping… See mom this paper is cut crooked! Thank You sweetie, very helpful, hahaha.

Funny how these guys also like to be helpful!! And super snoopy!! I walked away from that basket and found all three of them on the princess palace. Let me say that they were not happy that there was no dirt in that basket. However, they did like the choice of Lemon Coral Sedum for the planter. Now look at this Black and White kitty. Sitting in a different planter. Yes, he is cute. Yes, he has no idea what he is doing. Uugghh!! But dang it… I have already lost one plant to these little monster cuties.

It has been too long since I have shared the porch. I am even more excited to share after using my new leaf blowers that Paula and I found at a garage sale last week. The best part is that it was $5 and dang if it didn’t work like new!! It even got the sand off the front mat. I am soo happy with how all of this looks. Okay, except Joe’s dirty sneakers. Although it could be worse.

Ohhh, one more thing… guys Mom wanted to be sure that I told you that she loves the cards!! She looks forward to opening them several times a day, wink wink wink!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Watch for the information on this months Stampin’ Bingo with the Red, White and Blue theme!!

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