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Inky Whisper Sisters Team Meeting Sat

Inky Whisper Sisters Team

I am so excited for Saturday. Why?? I am getting to get together with the Inky Whisper Sisters, Team Meeting is our focus. Did you know that we get together each month?? Yes, we sure do. We talk over questions that other team members have, we stamp, swap and laugh. Lots of Laughter, which makes me soo happy. I am honored to have all these ‘Sisters’. I love how we support, encourage and connect each month.

Curious, what goes on??

You could join us for one if you are local. And when I say local, I have team members that drive from Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. I would be happy to have you join and see if maybe you would like to join our Stamping Family. Do NOT forget about that amazing join special going on until the end of the month too… Holy Cow!! Need all the information. Click the photo below…

Now, if you still have questions and are not local. Please reach out. I am happy to answer your questions.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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