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Inky Whisper Sisters Swap from January and more.

Inky Whisper Sisters Swap

Inky Whisper Sisters Swap

Last Month for the Inky Whisper Sisters swap I wanted everyone to know … That they are Amazing!! I knew that this card would not only fit the swap idea, but would also cheer up someone that just might need it!

Stamparatus made quick work…

The lined up edge and stamping went quick using the Stamparatus. This amazing tool makes it look the same EVERY time. Just to help you out… You will want to just two slots each time.

TIP: The two stamps that I used here are smaller. Meaning, that using a full sized ink pad gets kinda messy. You may just want to keep a few of those stamping spots that come in your Paper Pumpkin each month.

Inky Whisper Sisters Swap

Yes, I sure did rip that cardstock. I did that so that you could see the inside. Just a peek of course. Now, I am struggling to figure out what I will create for the February meeting. I know, I know it is later this week.


I would like to take this opportunity to share more about the Inky Whisper Sisters, my Team. To say they are part of my family is an understatement. They are my Stamping Family. That is why I wanted the word Sisters in the name. Please know that does not mean I will not Love for a guy to join my team. I am talking more about the bond that we share as “sisters”.

Anyway, this team is powerful, supportive and encouraging, together. This team is funny, diverse and giving. Lastly, we are there for you, together. As a leader, I hope that I am all of these things to them. They sure are for me.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Friends Dont Let Friends

Interested and have questions?? I would love to help answer those questions. Still not sure but want to check out this weeks meeting?? Let me know. Are you ready to join, click here??


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