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I wanted to say hello and share some news!

I wanted to say Hello!

Yes, I know, I know, you know me, but I wanted to say HELLO! I do not get to “see” all of you very often. However, know that I am here to help you on your creative journey! I am here to inspire and help YOU with all things crafty! With that being said I do love to sharing my ideas, but I really like to share stuff going on around my home too!

I also wanted to tell you that I see you sitting there wondering where our adventure will go next. Most days I share my ideas and projects.

I am curious…

Is there something I have not showed that you NEED or WANT to see? I would like to help! Share with me what YOU would like to see. I ask this for a few reasons. No, not just to inspire! No, not to get you to buy it (although, wink wink). But because it is for you. This blog, my videos, the lives, the classes AND every card is for you.

My beautiful customers.

All the fun and shenanigans too! Ohhh, let’s not forget the prizes. Thank You for reading, commenting and your support!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Korine Anderson

    I would like to see other things you can do with embossing folders. I don’t buy them because I’m just not sure what all I can do with them. I also love seeing all the 3D projects you do. It’s so awesome to see how your brain works as you make 3D projects. Thanks for being there for us and showing us all the neat things we can do with Stampin’ Up!

  • Paula+Poindexter

    You mentioned something a bit ago on a live im curious about.
    Mirror Imaging!
    Could you?
    Would you?
    Are you Brave enough to try?

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