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I too choose to Keep Smiling no matter what.

I too choose to Keep Smiling

I too choose to Keep Smiling

I found this today and felt that maybe someone else needed to read it too. Would you agree, that smiling is a choice?? I have been through lots of things. Some small and some not so much. However, I too choose to Keep Smiling. It really is a choice. Goodness knows that times can be tough. And we have loads of choices. This is one that I will pick EVERY time.

When I read this, you know what it was a light bulb. Because one day they all will get tired of trying to beat you down.

But how about this for some perspective…

Maybe, just maybe, you just get a bit stronger each time YOU decide to choose to smile. Yes, even on the darkest days. Yes, even on the best days.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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