Hamscher Homestead

I see green on the homestead, not outside but still.

I see green on the homestead

I see green on the homestead

You know that I love flowers, check out what I see green on the homestead. I know that in the photo is is tough to see this far away. However, I have more photos to share!! But first… Do you think these are flowers, veggies or both??

Okay, these are all flowers.. but, I do have lettuce, onions, spinach and kale seeds that were all planted on last Sunday. They are even bigger today, These are when I first started seeing the sprouts. So from left to right, Dahlia seeds, Strawflowers and Ranunculus cromes. The weather was showing signs of a warm up, but I know there is still time for more frost. I have said this before, there has been snow storms on my birthday with is at the end of the month. No worries, I will find more seeds to plant because I have more plant lights coming.

I see green on the homestead

Joe and I went on an adventure on Friday. We had a very successful trip. Found lots of thing to purchase, and actually did buy a few things. I am super excited that we found this tile. Joe spotted it was not sure about it. Later in the adventure those tiles were a for sure thing. I am not ready to share more until things are for sure… maybe later this next week. Stay Tuned!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Butterfly Birthday Bash 2022

Do not miss out on this amazing in person event!!

I see green on the homestead

NO worries, I got a warning. Thank you Corporal it was a pleasure to meet you!!

Last Chance List


  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh so many pretties growing up fast and strong!
    Tile? Entey way and Studio?? Wooooohoooo!
    And Slow it down girl!!!

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