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How do you take your coffee?? Serious enough?

How do you take your coffee

How do you take your coffee

Sooo, How do you take your coffee?? You know that is a VERY serious thing around here!! Joe still gives me a hard time because I put cream in my coffee. Okay flavored creamer. However, I have seriously cut back on how much. I do love my coffee and with the weather cooler, I find that I am drinking much more.

What is your favorite beverage??

Here is another question, do you have ONE favorite cup? or do you have more?? I have moved the spring summer cups to the basement. Why?? to make room for the Christmas cups of course!!

Holiday Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula+Poindexter

    I take my tea seriously as well.
    Yes, i have a small handful of cups i rotate around. favorites that remind me of special folks in my life. as i sip my first few sips of steaming hot brew i will reflect upon the person with whom the cup holds memories of. Seems im just a sentimental old fool!

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