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How about this perspective? I was needing this too!

How about this perspective?

I know there are times that I wonder, How about this perspective?? This really is the definition of it is not all about you. I am NOT meaning this harshly! Please know that! I mean this as a way for me and maybe you, to “get out of your own way”. We all want to make a difference! I know I sure do! However, each day there is a little thing we can do for someone. Bringing to full circle what I talked about on Wednesday live class.

We need to Smile!

Why? Because it starts with us, and it really does make it way around. To one person than another, and another. A smile is easy enough! Think for a minute about how you feel when you smile. no matter the day you are having. That smile is amazing and happy!

Best of all contagious!

Remember a good thing does not have to be BIG. A good thing can be small too. A good thing could be as easy as a paper hug. We have plenty of those to send and give.

Be the good thing for someone else!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Here is the sneak peek for the August Box…. soo excited!

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