Hamscher Homestead

Homestead Chicken, Kitties and Mom

Homestead Chickens and Kitties

Homestead Chickens and Kitties…

It has been just too long since we have checked on the Homestead Chickens and Kitties. These two are getting ready to head outside. They will not go directly with the big girls, but will soon…

Can you see the screen?? That is what is separating them from the full size chickens. I am not sure if we have hens or roosters yet… time will tell! Fingers crossed. They have really been running around and figuring it out.

Homestead Chickens and Kitties

White Sox update..

White Sox has been enjoying life at home and hangs out with me a lot in the Studio. All the tests have come back and they have come back normal for White Sox and his infection. Thankfully!!

Homestead Chickens and Kitties

Poor Mr. Bigglesworth..

He really does not like the storms. The Thunder and Lightening is very scary. This is a new spot for him to hide. I was very surprised. Let me tell you that it was tough getting this picture.

Homestead Chickens and Kitties

These Beautiful Ladies…

Who the heck are the beautiful ladies?? I am very grateful to be able to spend time with my family once again. No matter how far away… I look forward to each and every visit!! However it is never long enough. I miss them as soon as I get into the truck to go back home.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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