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Homestead Birds Craft room update and reminder.

Homestead Birds Craft room

Homestead Birds Craft room updates…

Thankful for all the Homestead Birds and Craft room updates to share with you today!! There is at least one cardinal couple that I have seen already. I do enjoy the birds. The kitties enjoy the entertainment as well. YES, the birds are safe. Not even Junior is a bird eater. Thankful for that!!

Homestead Birds Craft room

Can you see him?? Look for the Red head. That is one of our usual Woodpeckers. I have to look him up and see what the female looks like. A new woodpecker that stopped by. I am thinking it just might be this ones wife. However, Who knows….

Homestead critters

Junior and I started a new thing this week. Every morning we start with a grateful heart. So I fix his breakfast we sit and talk about all the AMAZING things that happened the day before. There are even times that he chimes in. I know that he is grateful too.

Homestead Birds Craft room

This was my home for 4 weeks. Thankfully it is now empty.


Starting at the top left. Yes the HUGE desk is still here. BUT now I have found a few new ways to use it. Next up top right… I have been moving more things to the sale piles, which are upstairs in the closet. Ohhh soo much stuff up there. Bottom left the tool box is where I will be doing my lives now.. I am super excited about it too.


Because that darn holder, which I love, is a pain to get it back in the right spot. Now when you sit across the table from me we do NOT have to look around the arm. YEAH!! Anyway, plus the background which is the bakers rack can be changed out super easy. Lastly, is storage of current things. Moving the stamps around slightly. I was running out of room. Plus I was thinking it just might be easier to find the mini catalog stamps on a separate shelf. Still soo much more stuff to do. Remember the mess from last week here.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Year-End Closeout

Starts Tuesday Dec 8, here is your shop link.

Clearance Rach Refresh

This is happening too!! WoooHooo, shop link.

December Ding Dong Ditch

Here is the class to go, and all the information is here.


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