Hamscher Homestead

Hit by a whopper storm at the Hamscher Homestead

Whopper Storm Hamscher Homestead

Keep in mind we have 18 acres.

Joe and I went out to visit my parents yesterday, Monday. A good storm blew through there, but I did not expect to come home to the damage that we found. No damage to the house or vehicles. The Whopper Storm at the Hamscher Homestead pulled huge trees out of the ground. Though not all of the trees did cooperated. This is what happened…

Just as a reference the bottom right photo you can see the hood of the pickup truck. However, the top left will give you an idea how “tall” the tree actually was. This was a heart breaker. Joe is worried that we do not have a chain saw large enough to get this tree trunk cut down. Although that is a worry for another day.

Whopper Storm Hamscher Homestead

First, these are two different locations AND two different locations on the property. Secondly these are just two of the SEVERAL pulled up trees that need to be dealt with. Thankfully we have a large dump truck. Poindexter, as Joe calls it, to help with that heavy pulling. PHEW, but back to that darn chainsaw.

Here is the funny part of all these stuff, for me anyway. There was a tarp on the side of the property. A super heavy one.

Whopper Storm Hamscher Homestead

Lynn, I know you read this, it is now hanging off one of your trees. No idea how we can get it down, but …. maybe together we can figure a way.

Ohhh, one last thing..

Upside Down Tree Hamscher Homestead

Yes, you are seeing correctly, that is a tree hooked to the top of another. Not sure how this is going to work. If this does not tell you how tall these trees in the back are, I do not know. No the photo is not a trick or even an edited one. HONEST!!!

FYI. due to the storm internet was not good when I got home last night, no wonder… So be sure to check this post from yesterday. Trust me, its about the newest baby chicks.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

2020 August December Mini

Paper Share post tomorrow!!!


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