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Helpers Cleaning another Experiment all this week.

Helpers Cleaning another Experiment

Helpers Cleaning another Experiment

This week on the Homestead is all about Helpers Cleaning another Experiment too. Starting off of course with the outside helpers. I have been needing to get the front porch cleaned up, Again. However, I mean really cleaned up, took all the winter decorations down. Got them in the house …

Helpers Cleaning another Experiment

Which is were I had inside helpers. Even Mooch got in on the sniffs. The porch looks so empty now. No I did not pull everything, BUT apparently there was quite a bit out there. Now all of this is back downstairs ready for next winter. It makes me giggle watching these guys. Mooch was even under the chair on this one. Lots of good and interesting things to smell I guess.

With all that cleaning the evergreen decorations were also pulled from the pots. Okay, not all of them. Some where still frozen inside. With that being said, I did get most of them in the burn pile. Plus, the parts of the Christmas Tree was moved to the burn pile. During that gather up of the stuff I spotted this iris. Love all the GREEN!!!

Yup, I started a new science experiment. I am starting it late (shocker), but I think it will still be a good thing. Please help me give a huge shout out to those that helped me collect the one gallon jugs. I will be needing a few more but will be looking again come fall so that I can really get this GOING!! hehe, you know I am not going to tell until I open them up what I am doing. You can guess though…

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Happy Mail

I also sent out happy mail this weekend! Are you on my mailing list??

March Madness Whispers Style


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